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Who is Klean My Business?

Klean My Business is a Christian-based, family owned, janitorial commercial cleaning company now serving Central Texas ranging from San Antonio to San Marcos.

We strive to provide you and your business with the absolute highest level of quality clean and excellence obtainable by any janitorial service company.

Why do I need a professional janitorial company like Klean My Business? 

There can be and are usually many different reasons why a company would want or even need to outsource their cleaning to professionals.


Here at Klean My Business we make it part of our introductory process to discover the main reason your company is looking for a professional janitorial crew. We then show you exactly how and why Klean My Business is the best option available to meet and exceed all expectations in regard to that reason.

Whether you are a small family business, a large corporate office, a multi-tenant building, or a medical/dental practice you need a cleaning service you can count on. Dealing with unreliable, or unprofessional cleaning companies can be both frustrating and detrimental to your businesses reputation as well as your bottom line. This is something no business or facility manager should accept. You deserve to be able to partner with a janitorial/cleaning company that you can trust. At Klean My Business we leverage our janitorial experience, our microbiology expertise, and we utilize very specific equipment to provide you, our partner, with great service every visit consistently.  You don’t have to settle for mediocre janitorial services. Call Klean My Business at 361-219-1858 and experience the difference. 

What are the benefits of partnering with Klean My Business over another janitorial company?

At Klean My Business everything we do is centered around our faith. Our company values revolve around the four pillars of integrity, trust, honesty, and diligence.

Integrity, the quality of having strong moral principles. It’s unfortunate that there are a number of janitorial companies that operate on a profit first mentality. At Klean My Business we value your partnership with us and we show it by always doing what’s right for you our partners. If this means staying longer at a facility to ensure the work is done correctly then by all means we will do it.

Trust, having a firm belief in the reliability and dependability of another. At Klean My Business we call our clients our partners. We do this because as a partner we are invested in the success of your company, and we will do what we can within our capabilities to help your business.

Honesty, the quality of being honest and telling the truth even when it’s not in one’s best interest to do so. At Klean My Business the truth is all that truly matters. If for some reason we are unable to achieve a particular goal or complete a particular task we openly and honestly tell our partners. At Klean My Business we firmly stand by the saying that honesty is the best policy.

Diligence, careful and persistent work. At Klean My Business we create location specific work plans to meet each unique business needs. While we do work off of a janitorial checklist created from your work plan, if we learn of something else that may be beneficial to our partner or something that me missed on our checklist we add the new task to the plan. At Klean My Business we are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest ways to improve our quality for you our partners. 

What are the primary focus and goals of Klean My Business?

Our primary focus is to create as well as maintain, a healthy work environment for you, your office staff, as well as your customers.

Our goal is to eliminate, or at least significantly reduce the potential pathogens (germs) in your workplace giving you peace of mind as well as a really clean area to be in for eight hours a day.

We strive to meet this goal by using state of the art techniques, products that actually disinfect and not just smell nice, along with modern equipment that is specifically designed or purposed to turn your office into a healthier environment.


This level of professional clean has even been proven thru a number of studies to improve an employees productivity and because of the disinfecting of the area, a reduction of employee sick days are also well documented all of which equals an improved bottom line for your business.
Whatever your reason for wanting a new Janitorial company for your business are, please consider Kleanmybusiness.com for all your office and commercial cleaning needs.

      We Accept Checks And All Major Credit Cards




Klean My Business is located in and currently services the Central region of Texas. Klean My Business creates job specific cleaning or disinfecting plans for each location in accordance with their needs as well as their budget. In Central Texas we currently perform: Medical office cleaning, Pediatric office cleaning, Optometry office cleaning, general office cleaning. Klean My Business can partner with your business to design the best program to fit any budget. We can schedule daily cleanings, weekly cleanings, or even single time or monthly cleanings. If what your looking for is to just disinfect an area of your business or if you need your entire building cleaned daily there is no job too big or too small. So give Klean My Business a call at 361-219-1858 and let Klean My Business clean your business.


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