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Klean My Business is a Christian-based, family owned, janitorial commercial cleaning company now serving South & Central Texas.

We strive to provide you and your business with the absolute highest level of quality clean and excellence obtainable.

There are many reasons why a company would want to outsource their cleaning to professionals. Here at Klean My Business we make it part of our introductory process to discover the reason your company is looking for a professional janitorial crew and then to show you exactly how and why Klean My Business is the best option available to meet and exceed all expectations in regard to that reason.


A professional, and trained cleaning crew can have a major impact on numerous areas of your business, all of which can have a Positive net return on your investment.

return_on_investmentFor example, replacing carpeting in your office can be an extremely expensive and time consuming venture. Not only is your company looking at a hefty bill for the carpet and the installation charge but also think of the man hours lost during this process. You would have to remove all desks and furniture from the work area resulting in even more lost productivity. However, a professional and highly trained Janitorial Crew, like the ones at Klean My Business would be able to greatly extend the life expectancy of your offices’ carpeting by focusing on “high traffic” areas as well as dust removal and disinfecting the various office surfaces. IMG_5086

This level of professional clean has even been proven  thru a number of studies to improve an employees productivity and because of the disinfecting of the area, a reduction of employee sick days are also well documented all of which equals an improved bottom line for your business.

Whatever your reason for wanting a new Janitorial company for your business may be, please consider Kleanmybusiness.com for all your office and commercial cleaning needs.

      We Accept Checks And All Major Credit Cards




Klean My Business is located in South Texas and currently services the South and Central regions of Texas. Klean My Business creates job specific cleaning or disinfecting plans for each location in accordance with their needs as well as their budget. In South & Central Texas we currently perform: Medical office cleaning, Pediatric office cleaning, Optometry office cleaning, general office cleaning. Klean My Business can partner with your business to design the best program to fit any budget. We can schedule daily cleanings, weekly cleanings, or even single time or monthly cleanings. If what your looking for is to just disinfect an area of your business or if you need your entire building cleaned daily there is no job too big or too small. So give Klean My Business a call at 361-219-1858 and let Klean My Business clean your business.


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